Controversy of Warez

Freeware1Warez is a plural form of ware – short of software – in leetspeak, a form of symbolic writing that is used as an alternative of English alphabet that is commonly used on Internet. Warez refers to software whose copy-protection has been taken off which means that despite of having copyright, this software can be distributed to everyone. Some people see this as a form of software piracy, though people who upload and download warez argue that this is not piracy because they do not get any profits. People who upload it simply do it so other people can download it.

Most popular software includes software from big vendors like Microsoft, Macromedia, Symantec and Adobe Systems. These vendors work along with Business Software Alliance (BSA) to close all the loopholes so people cannot simply distribute their software without the vendors gaining profits. Downloading and using warez are also considered illegal and can land people in jail, though still many people download and use it. But getting software for free can be really beneficial, so god bless warez.

Back in the 1990s when only a few home consumers had broadband, warez were spread through floppy or CD. Warez is different from freeware or shareware. This software is actually free and legal to be distributed and copied. Opinion of the people concerning warez is divided. On one side, people believe that it is illegal while on the other side people show that they are okay with warez. In fact, there are many people who call themselves software pirates that are proud with the name pirate, thinking the way Hollywood portrays pirates. They even go as far as using pirate talk when they converse. Despite of many controversies of warez, there are people who support warez. They even have their own community where they can talk and share ideas.

Stay Ahead Of The Game By Using Android TV

AndroidTVRapid advancement in Science and Technology has made life easier and simpler. One of the greatest gifts to today’s generation is Android TV. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has potential as huge as the internet itself. An interactive TV integrates the Google Chrome browser to enhance the user’s TV viewing experience. Some Android TVs today even have 3D capabilities. The operating system is a customized version of Android, which is the foundation of the TV; additionally, it also allows developers to create applications that extend the functionality of the TV. With this state-of-the-art TV, users can surf the web and watch television – in tandem. Incredibly, users can utilize their Android and Apple smart phones as fully functional remote controls for the Android TV – even though the product ships with wireless controls with a full QWERTY keypad. Content from live TV, YouTube, HBO GO, Amazon, CNBC and other sites and channels can be easily viewed on this TV.

The best part about this TV is probably the fact that you can use an exhaustive collection of apps on it. Besides making it easier for you to access stuff to watch from your existing TV service, Android TV augments your viewing experience with hundreds of TV episodes, 10,000 movies,several YouTube channels, applications and unlimited content coming through all the time. With this TV on, there will never again be a dull moment. From Google’s Netflix laboratory, you can watch as many channels and films as you want. You can also enjoy uncut, uncensored and fully free songs, watch live BBC TV or catch up on the last 7 days of BBC programs, read the latest news, sports and business analysis from the Guardian and more. It comes integrated into select TVs. If you do not want to buy a new TV, you can simply buy a buddy box for the same functionality. You can also access a huge collection of movies, apps, music and TV shows,which are made available simultaneously on your laptop, your TV,and your Android phone. You can also send your favorite YouTube videos from your Android phone or tablet to your TV with the touch of a button. It is easy and requires no wires to fuss with or complicated setup procedures to follow.

With Android TV, you can enjoy the web as it was intended to be – easy, fun and enriching. Stay ahead of the game and buy your Android TV right now. You will be glad you did.

Top Ten Must Have Android Applications

AndroidApplicationsI know a lot of people would love to have all the applications on the Google play store on their Android phones or tablets, but unfortunately managing all of these applications would be difficult. For some users, they just don’t have the space to accommodate all these applications. The good news is that, there are certain applications every user must have that would bring their Android phones alive. At least if you have these applications, you would have an improved Android experience.

The first application on my list is the one and only, Android ASSISTANT. This application is just monitors activities on your phone by providing you with information about your phones memory usage, battery usage, and also information about your memory card. It also has a quick boost feature that can improve the speed and efficiency of your phone. In addition, Android assistant also enables you to control your phones volume levels, clean your system files, provides a file manager to manage your files, a batch installer and uninstaller to install or uninstall applications easily, and my favourite feature, which is moving your applications from your phones memory to your SD card (memory card). What more can you ask for, this application is an all in one application, a must have for every user and it is absolutely free.
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E-commerce Through Mobile: Optimise Website for Mobile Devices

magentodesignspecialistsE-commerce has become a big revenue generator for all retail businesses today. Making your purchases through internet and your computer device is nothing new; however, the one trend which is fast developing and is predicted to take the e-commerce world in its thrall in the next one decade is ecommerce through mobile. It is therefore important for all businesses today that they develop a mobile-friendly website and provide mobile channel transaction opportunities for their customers, there are many options when it comes to creating such a website, for instance YOMA magento development.

As is obvious, the advantage with purchase through mobile and tablet devices is that you can do your purchase on the move. You do not need to get stuck to your desktop or switch on your laptop to do your shopping anymore. The available data on e-commerce transactions speak of the growing popularity of this new trend, too.

According to the latest Forrester report, 55% of online retailers in Australia have introduced provisions for mobile transactions. The number was 39% in 2011. Again, another Forrester Research forecasts that, in US, ecommerce through mobile will hit a whopping $10 billion this year. In 2010, the number was $10 billion. According to forecasts, ecommerce revenues themselves are going to see a huge rise all across the globe in the coming years. An EU mobile survey predicts that the ecommerce revenues in Europe will rise to E19.2 billion in 2017–from a mere E1.7 billion in 2011.

All these stats underline the importance of mobile ecommerce for online retailers. The key thing here is to build a website optimised for mobile devices. You should make sure that the consumers would face no difficulty in navigating through the site, uploading/downloading or finalising transactions. Introducing the scan2buy technology for mobile transactions may also be a smart move. Most websites for mobile are WAP/ .mobi designed websites and provide limited options in payment gateway providers. Consumers are often wary of this since this can lead to potential security issues. However, scan2buy supports almost all popular payment gateway providers and the buyers will feel more secured when they are offered to perform their e-commerce transactions via this new mobile ecommerce technology.

Cheap Smart Phones With Android OS – A Popular Choice Nowadays

AndroidOS1Android Jelly Bean

Cheap smart phones are very much in demand since the market is now ruled by the Android operating system. With all the cheap smart phones available, the cheapest that you can get is a dual-core smart phone, which runs with Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS. After comparing all the available units in the market, it shows that this holds the title for the cheapest dual core smartphone with Jelly Bean 4.1 OS. For a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, it only costs around £239, and that already includes a free SIM. As a good alternative, you can opt to get Google Nexus 4, which includes a quad-core processor and the latest Jelly Bean 4.2 OS for just the same retail price.

Samsung Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is similar to the regular Galaxy SIII unit. Both have pebble-like rounded corners and bowed sides for its design. The phone has a 4-inch screen display, 8-16GB of phone storage, and 5MP for its back camera. Some of its specs include 1GB of RAM, and its camera with 1GHz dual-core processor that gets a 763-point score on Geekbench 2. Considering all these nice features, it is a sensible choice for those, who want to buy a low-cost smart phone.
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